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Hospital Compliance : Trust buy Verify  Part 1 eBook

Hospital_Part_1Typically as medications flow through a hospital from the pharmacy until administered, dispensed and or wasted, they are handled by employees with different responsibilities and often little if any oversight. The Pharma Compliance Group has developed the “Hospital Compliance : Trust but Verify” to assist hospitals recognize and reconcile drug theft and or loss before a significant problem develops.

Know Your Prescriber- Success Script


know_prescriiberThe “Know Your Prescriber” requirements often set up an uncomfortable situation for pharmacists.

How can a legal prescription be considered diversion? Am I crossing a line by questioning a prescriber? At what point should I question a prescription? I’m uncomfortable delaying fulfillment for a customer in need.

The Pharmacist’s Challenge – Caught in the middle

The Pharmacist's Challange- Caught in the middle eBookIn today’s environment a great deal of attention is focused on the misuse and abuse of prescription narcotics. The focus is with good reason when one considers the levels of abuse, the frequency of diversion, and the unfortunate number of physicians involved in poor prescribing practices. This 6-Page eBook details the methods in which to ensure adherence to DEA and state regulations are met.


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