Background Screening

Background Screening

Evaluating Your Needs, Delivering Results

The hiring process has several steps to vetting out an ideal candidate. Poor hiring decisions can have an impact in sales, morale, moreover in the pharma industry bad hires may impact  compliance that can lead to possible sanctions and fines.

The CFR has certain requirements regarding the hiring of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and those who handle controlled substances. Let our background screening solution, coupled with our expertise in the areas of CFR regulations and DEA compliance, help you build a program that is right for your needs and environment.

Pharma Compliance Group’s Background Screening solutions are designed for the pharma industry, whether your organization is a retail pharmacy, distributor or manufacturer of controlled substances. Powered by General Information Services (GIS), our expertise alongside their best in class background and drug screening offerings can help you build a cost-effective, efficient and complete screening program that includes offerings such as;

  • Criminal backgrounds that include nationwide, federal, state and county screening
  • Sex Offender Registries
  • Credit Reporting and Motor Vehicle Driving Records
  • Education, Employment and Professional Licenses Research
  • Civil Suits, Judgments and Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • Drug Screening, Breath Alcohol Testing and DOT Physical Exams

Contact us to help you build an easy to use online screening program, providing you the best in background screening from those who are the experts in pharma compliance.


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