Criminals Leave Tracks…We Find Them Fast!

PCG partners with BlueTracs, the leading patented technology provider to deliver the most advanced multi-layer tracking solutions. Advanced technology means lower cost applications and high recovery rates. With BlueTracs solutions by PCG, our clients enjoy the benefits of both asset protection and stolen asset recovery. Providing law enforcement with the devices to capture and incarcerate criminals, our clients help to reduce incidents caused by serial robbers and ultimately assist in reducing diversion of CII and other high-target drugs.

Unique application of technology used for the deterrence and apprehension of pharmaceutical robberies and burglaries.


Proven protection of high profile pharmaceuticals
Easily deployed
Multi-layered Real-Time technology
Covert design
Smart technology power conservation mode
Geo-location live Web Tracker software
Law Enforcement Theft Notification


High Tech – low cost tracking solution
Rapid recovery of pharmaceuticals
Tracking circumference within feet
Unparallel speed and direction accuracy
Mobile and Adaptable Solution
Live tracking via secure site
Assist’s law enforcement in capturing suspects and recovering stolen assets


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