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Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

The Internet has become a gateway for the sale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. These products represent a danger to the consumer. The illegal use of Brand names on these products threatens the integrity of the pharmaceutical company they falsely represent. Brand protection requires counter-measures that prevent, detect, and respond to this global crime.

The PCG Brand Protection Program utilizes state of the art analytical tools to target criminal organizations that counterfeit and sell your products

The Pharma Compliance Group offers a comprehensive solution to ensure that only your authentic product carries your brand’s name. PCG will assist in the development of your firm’s enterprise wide strategy to prevent illegitimate products from entering the legitimate supply chain under your brand name.

Our staff of former DEA agents and investigators have extensive investigative experience relative to the illicit sales of pharmaceuticals via the internet. Our Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting solution encompasses your specific challenges and helps your firm protect product safety, brand integrity, and your reputational image.


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