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DEA Compliance Online Series Training

The DEA Compliance Online Series Training provides the perfect solution for achieving compliance with complex DEA requirements. Written by DEA Diversion Investigators and conducted using the LearnSomething online training platform, this series presents clear, step-by-step guidance through various DEA regulatory requirements.

Our training series has been developed to instruct specific audiences in how best to deal with the Controlled Substance Act (CSA), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and other DEA compliance requirements, procedures and forms.

With six (6) modules, each designed to support specific components of DEA regulations, the training platform provides end of course assessments to demonstrate content mastery. It also allows for the management, administration, completion notification and other administrative functions that allow consistency in certification and course completion.

Available accredited training modules include;

The Execution of the Hard Copy DEA Form 222
Electronic Ordering of Schedule II Controlled Substances
Security of Controlled Substances in a Pharmacy
The Role of the DEA in Healthcare
DEA Controlled Substance Forms
DEA Controlled Substance Prescriptions: Legitimate or Fraudulent?

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