Know Your Prescriber

Know Your Prescriber

Look Behind the Script

Dispensing controlled substances can be a risky endeavor. It is important that the pharmacy and its pharmacist exercise sound professional judgement when making a determination about the legitimacy of a controlled substance prescription. The standards of legitimate medical purposes creates a necessary, but heavy burden. Although the majority of prescribers are trustworthy and prudent, a single careless or dishonest practitioner can result in millions of dollars in fines and the loss of a pharmacy’s registration.

Retail chains, independent pharmacies, as well as wholesale drug distributors have become law enforcement’s focal point in the effort to reduce the nation’s prescription drug abuse epidemic.

The problem is there is very little information available to determine the good doctors from the careless or dishonest ones. The solution is a “trust but verify” approach that respects the medical practitioner’s expertise, but safeguards a pharmacist’s own practice and reputation.

The PCG “Know Your Prescriber” service assists DEA Registrants by providing the critical information necessary to make informed decisions about the practitioners behind the script.

Our multi-step verification process includes both research and analysis of prescribers and their prescription activity. Our practitioner database contains research conducted on thousands of practitioners. PCG research and verification will determine the following:

Verification of DEA registration and state licensure
Sanctions or any adverse actions taken against his or her DEA registration or state medical license to include; suspension, revocations, surrenders, OTSC
Practitioner specialty as shown on DEA registration and state license
Criminal or civil actions against the practitioner
Rank against peers regarding controlled substance prescriptions
Licensed/Registered as a Pain Management Clinic (in States where required)
Out-of-state disciplinary actions include; sanctions and malpractice suits
Internet search engine significant findings to include; state & local criminal records, media reports, drug “chat room” mentions
Medicare Part D prescriptions for C-II and C-III controlled substances to include number of prescriptions written; comparison to practitioners in the same medical specialty within the same state
Federal Court Records
Previous listing as a “Top Prescriber” of controlled substances – currently thousands of practitioners in PCG database to cross reference


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