Turn Dispensing Data into Insight…and Insight into Action

The Code of Federal Regulations, enforced by the DEA, contains specific guidelines and regulations regarding the dispensing of controlled substances. Failures in compliance can result in excessive fines, lost sales and even business interruption.

For wholesale drug distributors, retail pharmacies, and those entities involved and concerned with controlled substances, the difficulty is often the ability to easily sift through dispensing data and determine potential concerns and issues that may result in compliance failures.

LongitudeRx is a software application built using insight from DEA Special Agents and Diversion Investigators to help those dispensing controlled substances to remain in DEA compliance.

Utilizing your dispensing data alongside industry data sources, LongitudeRx provides your pharmacy team with key dispensing analytics, trending reports and alert features to help you identify potential prescribing concerns and dispensing anomalies.

Let our expertise and software keep you ahead of DEA concerns and in compliance with the CFR.


  • Early Warning Alerts to assist you in detecting CFR Violations and Trends associated with Controlled Substance distribution
  • Trend Analysis graphs and reports ¬†across your Business, Drug Schedules, Groups or specific dosage units
  • Multiple data views includes Geospatial relationships between Patient, Prescriber and Pharmacy
  • Aggregate all your dispensing data analysis into one specific tool

Application Specifications

  • Web-based SaaS application you can access anywhere with internet access
  • Cloud-based storage with no costly hardware costs
  • Subscription model pricing with low implementation cost

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