Proudly headquartered in Massachusetts, Pharma Compliance Group, or PCG, specializes in regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical companies.

We are the industry leader for pharmacy, distributor, manufacturer, and healthcare compliance.

Our advanced and informed audit process keeps you compliant.  PCG is your trusted expert for compliance with the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Risks to your business

Controlled substances are heavily regulated. DEA mandates that registrants develop and implement policies, programs and protocols to detect and prevent diversion.

The DEA takes compliance seriously. the cost of non-compliance can result in adverse actions and fines potentially crippling your business. Let PCG’s experts help you mitigate risks therefore avoiding fines and penalties.

A specialized team

PCG is comprised of regulatory experts. All of our consultants are former DEA Diversion Investigators with substantial and comprehensive CSA/CFR regulatory experience.

PCG consultants are experts. We know the DEA compliance inspection process so well because we worked for DEA. Let us help you perform your due diligence and fulfill federal, and state regulations.

Rely on our experienced team to develop policies and procedures before your DEA inspection. Our goal is to help you mitigate risk by operating in a compliant and safe manner.

PCG is here to serve

PCG assists your compliance program through in-depth evaluation of the following:

  • In-depth assessments of your company’s compliance policies.
  • Recordkeeping and security evaluations.
  • Theft, loss and diversion exposure examinations.
  • Ongoing self-inspection and evaluation practices.

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