Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, and practitioners are responsible to protect the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain. It’s your responsibility to monitor and protect the safety of legitimate pharmaceuticals and controlled substances.

In fact, CSA regulations require you have a closed distribution system.

Your organization needs to follow DEA, CFR, and CSA regulations. That’s why it’s critical to have internal policies to stay compliant, avoid diversion, and mitigate the risk of administrative action.

A partner who’s been in your shoes

Pharma Compliance Group helps pharmaceutical companies stay compliant. It’s our mission to help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

We help you mitigate risks at every turn with our expert staff of former DEA investigators. Partner with PCG to protect the public, stay compliant, and grow your business.



Pharma Compliance Group is committed to helping pharmaceutical manufacturers.



The DEA places the burden of supply chain management on you, the distributor of controlled substances.



Pharma Compliance Group helps retail pharmacies make sense of your immense amount of customer data.



Pharma Compliance Group helps practitioners comply with DEA, CSA, and CFR regulations, both on the state and federal level.

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