Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and physicians have to adhere to comprehensive regulations and requirements. Are you adhering to all of these regulations?

Pharma Compliance Group helps practitioners comply with DEA, CSA, and CFR regulations, both on the state and federal level.

PCG offers customized consultations, assessments, and programs designed on your business and customers.

When PCG partners with practitioners, we analyze your:

  • Overall process
  • Potential for risk
  • On-site compliance programs

Protect your customers, employees, and business with our team of former DEA investigators. We’re here to help you avoid fines, penalties, and adverse action in this complex regulatory environment.

Hospital Compliance: Trust but Verify eBook

Typically as medications flow through a hospital from the pharmacy until administered, dispensed and or wasted, they are handled by employees with different responsibilities and often little if any oversight. The Pharma Compliance Group has developed the “Hospital Compliance : Trust but Verify” to assist hospitals to recognize and reconcile drug theft and or loss before a significant problem develops. Our goal is to help keep your hospital DEA Complaint!

See how Pharma Compliance Group can help you.